From Start to Finish

Step 1

Initial design is created and sent to you along with a quote.
This may involve our Design Consultation service if you have requested it.

Step 2

50% deposit is paid by you

Step 3

Site visit for technical survey (if we are installing your kitchen)

Step 4

Amendments are made to the design (if required)

Step 5

Final decisions on colours, handles and worktops are made by you

Step 6

You receive the final plans to sign off and return. The approximate 12-14 week production period starts from the point at which we receive your signed-off final plans.

Step 7

Around 4 weeks prior to the delivery window we will contact you to arrange for your balance payment to be made. Once we have received your payment we will contact you again to arrange precise delivery and, if requested, installation dates

Step 8


Step 9

Installation (1-3 days later)

Step 10

Template for worktop by Shaker Stone

Step 11

7- 10 working days later: delivery and fit of worktops

Step 12

Touch-up painter visit if required