The Process

The Shaker Kitchen Company are makers of Fine, Affordable, Handmade Kitchens. We offer our customers an honest, transparent and fair choice. On a ‘’like for like’’ basis we represent excellent value for money for a Handmade, Shaker finish.

Many other kitchen companies offer ‘Sales’ during certain months. ‘Sales’ are often a sign of a business needing to ‘sell off’ old stock. All our cabinets are made to order – in our eyes, companies offering ‘Sales’ are inflating prices to make the customer feel that a price reduction represents a bargain. At The Shaker Kitchen Company we operate a transparent price policy – the price we quote is the price you pay – no hidden extras, no surprise omissions.

We believe that the best and fairest format is to price our cabinets at our most affordable sale price, available at the same rate throughout the year. We do not have promotion ‘Sales’ – we sell at ‘Sale Prices’ all year round, for all of our customers.

The Shaker Kitchen Company has developed a large range of affordable shaker kitchen cabinets allowing customers to choose their dream kitchen ‘on-line’.

All the services required to complete your dream kitchen are available through The Shaker Kitchen Company. Our cabinets are available to see in your nearest local showroom.